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How it Works?
5 simple steps to a stunning life
"Fitness,starts from your Mind, set It"
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With 160 exercisers to work every muscle in your body S10.fit programs has simple yet amazingly effective regime to get you into the best shape of your life.

Suitable for everyone

Plan for everyone - Male, Female, Children, Adult and every level - Sedentary, Active, Sports

Rapid results

Get the right workout for your goal and activity level by just working out for 30 minutes 4 days a week

Convenience of home

No gym, no coaches and no equipments simple body weight exercises that you can perform anywhere.

Safe and Effective

Prevent injuries, build muscle and burn visceral fat

What S10.fit is ?

It improves the health, fitness & Performance of a person.

It is a life long program to avoid disease live long, be younger and perform better.

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What S10.fit is not ?

It is not a crash weight reduction program.

It follow scientific norms and do not push for more 1- 1.5 kgs of weight changes per month.

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