How is it different from others?

It is an experience and not a product. GYM membership Fitness app's
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  • Highly affordable
  • Individual plan
  • 1 month free trial
  • Rs 200 / mth subscription
  • Corporate plan based on organisation type and no. of users.
  • Rs 1000 paid in advance
  • Rs 700 paid in advance
  • Personalised goals
  • Wellbeing pathway for health, fitness, weight
  • Personalised diet & exercise program tied to goals
  • Simple functional exercises that needs no equipments
  • Program by the minute that takes less time to execute.
  • Solo workouts and privacy
  • Machine based aerobic and muscle strengthening heavy
  • Standard workouts or bad workout structure with too much of machine based workouts causes injury.
  • Weight reduction focus Standard video based workouts
  • If you opt for personal trainers quality of program and time dependent on personal trainers
  • Privacy of home
  • Daily notifications from the league
  • Daily Luck wheel to surprise with rewards
  • Get Motivated by how others have transformed
  • Learn from others in the league
  • Invite friends to the league
  • Be a social hero.
  • To & fro, prep time
  • 1 to 2hrs
  • Difficulty in coordinating schedule
  • Finding time to travel to the gym.
  • Notifications Anywhere
  • Ease of adherence
  • Virtual Robot trainers to coach
  • Music & voice guidance
  • Easy to perform functional exercise
  • No equipments needed
  • Preview and learn with mirror
  • Chatbot with real time support.
  • No privacy Time Over Effort, Overcrowding, Intimidating and clueless.
  • Too much of work and external dependency
  • waiting on trainers, high bandwidth requirement personal/group video training
  • Get rewarded for exercising
  • Stages & levels to recognise improvements
  • Challenges to demonstrate success
  • Leaderboard and rank
  • Social media interface to share your success
  • Visualisation to see improvements.
  • Manual fitness test
  • Difficult to track progress over time.
  • Need additional devices and data entry to track parameters.
  • Tangible results
  • Set your goal and track your diet, health and fitness
  • Track your exercise progress
  • See realtime improvement in health, fitness & weight
  • Be proud of transformation in your appearance.
  • Fatigue and more effort with lopsided outcomes.
  • Outcome solely depends on personal commitment.