Review your current fitness level?

know your aerobic, muscular, flexibility & body composition

Q:1 Do you find yourself breathless going up a short flight of stairs?
Q:2 Do you avoid social or recreational situations that may involve physical activity?
Q:3 Are you unable to keep up with peers in recreational activities or sport competitions?
Q:4 Are you able to lift a full bag of groceries from your vehicle?
Q:5 Are you able to hold a child?
Q:6 Are you limited in your recreational pursuits by a lack of strength?
Q:7 Are you able to reach over to back of your shoulder?
Q:8 Do you find it difficult to look behind you to check for traffic when driving?
Q:9 Can you touch your toes standing with your leg straight?
Q:10 Do you have to modify your movements (e.g., swinging your hand) to compensate for limited joint mobility?
Q:11 How big is your Stomach?
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